Your home in Assisi

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I always thought that to live a new city it's nice to meet at home in the evening.

A warm, cozy house, close to the center, convenient where you can cook and watch TV,
play with children but also go out shopping or get a coffee at the bar.

All of this is possible at Casa di Anna.

Our proposals


Cosy apartment with a delicious terrace, clean and well cared. Is perfect for all the couples that want to feel home

  • 2 guests with a child
  • 40 mq
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Spacious apartment, made for families with everyage sons. The apartment was family-friendly thinked and built, being careful to all that needs

  • 4 guests + 1 bed
  • 60 mq
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Lying on the bed you'll enjoy directly a view of Basilica, only few meters far. the 1° double-room just renewed and refurbished

  • 5 guests + 1 bed
  • 100 mq
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Finely furnished apartment with direct entrance to a pretty courtyard with view of the Basilica. The "cortile", with amazing view of the Basilica,certainly is our apartment's flagship

  • 4 guests
  • 60 mq
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Your home in Assisi